A game changer for LED Tape Light Installations

Tape lighting is like an architect’s secret weapon; an artist’s palette of light that can be used to bring out the beauty in a variety of spaces. It goes anywhere and lights nearly anything.


The 8T Series of 24V Commercial Grade LED Tape Light by Kichler Lighting is designed for easier installation and connectivity, giving architects, designers and electricians more options in terms of sizing, spacing, and placement. Developed to integrate with our patent-pending connector accessory system, even the most complicated tape light design installations in high end residential or commercial grade applications can be done simply and efficiently.

• Performance: 8T Series tape features a flexible, 2-layer circuit board that works in parallel to 
    support increased run lengths with less voltage drop.

 Ease: Eight unique connector accessories easily push into connector bases on the tape and
    remain securely in place.

 Polarity solutions: The inner workings of the connector accessories allow them to connect with
    the tape straight on (0°) or rotated (180°) and account for polarity regardless of direction.

8T Series Tape offers:

 Commercial grade, 24/7 operation

 Available in Standard, High, and Ultra High output in 5 color temperatures

 Double layer copper system for extended run length

 Field-cuttable on marked cut lines

• Compatible with 8 unique connector accessories to complement any design configuration


8T Series Connectors:
8T Series Pluggable Accessories (3)

A robust, pluggable 8-piece tape connector accessory system that can greatly reduce installation errors and speed up overall install time.

 Push in, reliable connection for ease of installation

 After matching the wire polarity, provides 0-180 degree connection for universal polarity 

 Tape-to-wire connectors allow the installer to utilize their preferred 20-22AWG wire

 Flexible connectors allow connections to bend around corners for new unique installation


Send me a sample!

Yes! I like what I see and am interested in a sample of 8T Series Tape Light. Please send me a sample kit that includes:

     • 2 Strips of 3000K High Output Tape 
     • 1 Tape-to-Tape Flex Connector
     • 1 Tape-to-Supply Lead
     • 1 30W Plug-In Power Supply