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Close the Deal NOW

How to Get Landscape Lighting Customers Past Their Last Concerns

Close the Deal NOW

How to Get Landscape Lighting Customers Past Their Last Concerns

When you’re on the verge of closing the sale but the customer is hesitating, most often the issue is cost.

That’s only natural because most people have a hard time parting with their hard-earned dollars, and they do not yet know how much value landscape lighting will bring to their lives.

So how do you close the sale when the issue is cost?

Here are some of the most common approaches used by successful contractors who know how to get the customer to sign on the dotted line.

Nine lights not ten

For cost-conscious customers, an initial proposal that consists of nine lights at an installed cost of about $300 each – and a total cost that is just under $3,000 – stands the best chance of winning an immediate signature. Having won your customer’s confidence and demonstrated the value of landscape lighting, you can come back later with a second proposal. It’s all about securing that initial project and then building on it.

Win the right comparison –
Don’t dwell on the wrong one

You can’t beat the price of low-quality brands, so don’t let cost rule your conversation. Listen to your customer’s cost concerns but make the case for the total value of your services as a reputable contractor. Your customer is not just buying a product. They are buying the confidence and peace of mind that will come with your professional design and execution, plus the quality of Kichler Lighting’s products and their industry-leading warranty. Your company and Kichler Lighting are entities that will stand behind the customer.

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Be open and honest — and quiet

Ask the customer, “How far off are we on price?” Give the customer time and silence to respond. (Count silently to 10 if you have to.) By providing a number, the customer comes closer to a deal with you. Having a definite number helps you brainstorm ways to close the gap.

Segment the project

If the difference is big, offer to break the project into segments – you’re happy to handle the front of the house this year and the backyard later. Make the case that it is better to install a limited number of high-quality products than a larger number of low-quality products that will not last as long. Because you trust your product and service, you can be confident the customer will want to follow through on the whole project eventually.

Drop a light or two – for now

For a mid-sized gap in price, offer to remove one or two lights that aren’t too essential to the overall look of the project. The customer can bring you back to add those lights, and possibly a few more, at a later date. Make the point that you will leave some line in the ground so these add-ons can be done later for minimal cost.

Throw in a free light

When the budget gap is slight, you may opt to toss in an extra light free of charge. If you can afford that loss for the sake of selling the project, your happy customer may lead to plenty of extra business for you down the road.

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