Our new connector is clearly a welcome addition to our Tape Light System

Its clear material allows light through for less shadowing and features set screws for simple, secure connections.

The new Terminal Block Connector from Kichler easily screws down with a standard Phillips screwdriver for a secure connection. It is also made of a robust, clear material to help minimize shadowing. As households and establishments continue remodeling and renovation efforts, tape light is the perfect way to add light layering to spruce up the décor. 



  • The Terminal Block Connector is compatible with the both 6T and 4T Series tape light
  • The connectors are available in Tape-to-Tape, Tape-To-Wire, and Tape-to-Supply lead models
  • They are in-stock now to add to your assortment!

Terminal Block Spec Sell image

NEW Terminal Block Connector

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TB Cross Image






A simple Crossover to our prior connectors

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Check out this informative Installation Video




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